sIf you are an avid bird watcher and desire to welcome the birds to your dwelling, then getting the right bird seeds and different types of foods can bring the countless birds to your garden or the balcony. It is precisely significant to understand that birds require specific type of seeds and food to make them a regular visitor in your home. If you offer the bird seed and food which is not as per the requirement of birds, then you won’t get the birds to your garden area as birds feed on certain types of food and seeds which are considered as significant for their growth and sustenance. The bird seeds and food should provide adequate nourishment for the birds and they become regular visitors in your home if you offer them precisely what they want.


Different Types of Bird Seed and Food

It is certainly a fact that you should have accurate knowledge of different types of bird seeds and food and if you prefer to attract the particular type of birds, then offering the food and seeds as per their requirement would attract them in plenty. So, let’s take a look at Different Types of Bird Seed and Food.

1. The Use of Sunflower Seed to Attract Birds
If you are interested in attracting the specific birds like goldfinch, nuthatches and chickadees, then getting the sunflower seeds would help you to invite these birds in your garden area or backyard. But, it’s important to understand that there are two categories of sunflower seeds like the black oil and the striped one. In fact, if you choose to get the black oil sunflower seeds, then you would be serving the food which is ideal for winter birds as the inner shell of the black oil seed is soft and birds can actually crack them easily and get the kernel which is an optimum food by being rich in fat content. But, if you desire to invite the birds like Blackbirds and House Sparrows, then serving them striped sunflower seeds is great, as these have hard shells and can easily be broken by these birds to get their food. You can also read in detail about squirrel proof bird feeders from and you can also srquirrel proof birdfeeders reviews. You can check it out here..


2. Offering Shelled and Cracked Corn to Birds
You can also offer corns like shelled and cracked corn to birds to invite them into your home, but you need to be considerate about certain facts relating to corn. This food is the favorite of birds like Morning Doves, Quail, Winged Blackbird, Grackles and Starlings. It’s true that corn is one of the preferred foods of birds but you should not opt for the packed corns as this corn tend to be unhealthy for birds. So, make sure that you offer only the smallest quantity of corn to birds that can be consumed in a day and never allow them to get wet in a rainy day as the corn can develop toxins. You can use droll yankees dipper as this is the best bird feeder present in the market. You can read about droll yankees dipper review and make your choice about it.

4. Healthy Mixture of Different Seeds
3. Thistle or Nyjer
If you are fond of attracting Goldfinches, Indigo Buntings, Redpolls and Pine Siskins, then getting thistle or alternatively known as Nyjer is a great way of inviting these birds to your place. The thistle seed is considered as favorite food of Goldfinches And Pine Siskins and if you offer this food to the birds, then surely you are going to be rewarded by the frequent visits of lovely finches as the seeds can easily pile up on the ground but won’t sprout because of it is sterilized before being sold in the market.

It’s obviously a great idea to offer the healthy mixture of different seeds to the birds which incorporate the seeds like millet, peanut, black oil sunflower seed, and striped sunflower seeds. The mixture of seeds offers the healthy option to the birds coming to your backyard or garden area with the wholesome nutrition.

5. White Proso Millet
The White Proso Millet is the favorite food of birds like Sparrows, Morning Doves, Bobwhite, Quail and Juncos. The key benefit of offering this food to birds is that it is nourishing and provides wholesome nutrition for the birds. Moreover, the White Proso Millet is easily available in the market, so you can offer this food to your favorite birds.


Hence it can be put forward that the Different Types of Bird Seed and Food offer an interesting insight into the healthy and nutritious bird seed and food which you can preferably use to draw birds into your household. Therefore, the various types of bird seed and food provide a wholesome nutrition for birds and make them a regular visitor  your backyard or a garden area.