In Today’s market there are many different types of router tables, including a variety of different designs and makes. As many of you woodworking enthusiasts would know each model of router table comes with a unique set of instructions outlining how to use the particular product. However, while you should follow these unique instructions for handling your chosen product, there are certain general guidelines that you can follow on how to use a router table effectively that pertain to all router tables. In this article, we will present you general and basic instructions on how to use a router table and make the most out of your woodworking endeavours.

First, Get Ready and remember to be Safe

Before even getting to the router table, you should bear in my mind that this work can be dangerous as well as cause you serious injury, if you don’t take the necessary precautions. As always, you should protect your eyes, nose,mouth and your hands by wearing an eye gear, a dust mask, and gloves to prevent dust and other tiny wood particles from causing any damage.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

After you’re done wearing the necessary safety gear, you should spend a few minutes checking on your router and router table. You can use Kreg Router Table as they are the best router tables available in the market. You should check to make sure that the following is in order:

  • The router bit is still securely positioned into the router. It needs to be tight enough to not be able to spin inside or come out.
  • All the parts of the router and router table must be well strapped in.

Second, get the Router Table ready for Work

So, now that your router and router table are strapped in and ready to go, your next concern is the fence of the router table. The fence acts as a barrier which helps to control horizontal adjustment, support as well as keep your block of wood in line. This important aspect of the table, does require some adjustment and tinkering before you get it right. However, it is well worth your time and effort to get this done correctly. Also, based on the dimensions of the work pieces, you can use accessories such as the feather board, starter pin, guard, and so on if they are available in your place to improve the accuracy and precision in each cut as well as make various different shapes.

Bench top Router HP Router

Third, Measure your wood blocks

In order to ensure precision and accuracy with every cut, you should carefully measure the blocks of wood and mark them with a pen, pencil or any other instrument that helps you keep track of where you need to make your cuts.

Finally, Prepare to start the wood working

Now, you are in a good position to start making cuts in your blocks of wood. But wait, another important tid bit of information you should keep in mind before you actually begin is that the router bit operates counter clockwise when you see it from the bottom of the machine. So, you should always push the wood from the right side to the left side of your router table. You must checkout the Woodworking router table reviews so that you can find the routers of your choice and you can easily use them for your own purpose.

When you start making cuts in the wood, you should begin with a small, shallow cuts and work your way into more depth as you go along and get a better feel for the wood. Also, make sure to follow your demarcated line carefully and try not to over compensate for the blocks of wood which might cause mistakes.