The Cycleops Wind Trainer is a wind stimulated indoor bicycle. It imitates the feel of riding a bicycle on a windy road. Sounds very nice and exciting, isn’t it? While you are riding the bike on the road, you have no control over the blowing wind but with this machine you can generate your wind. Its vortex blade technology makes this possible. This bike is ruling the market since years now, and the customers have rated it with 4.2 stars out of 5, which is commendable! It is perfect if you’re looking for the simplest and most clear-cut means to sustain your riding fitness. Both experienced and casual riders are grateful to this bike for realizing their riding goals. It is exciting to know that the wind is built by using a weighted metal fan blade that produces wind resistance as you pedal. The facility for progressive resistance ensures an effective workout. So you just need to change the cycle gears like you would do while riding a bike on the actual road. The storage requirement for it is minimal as it is foldable and can fit into a compact area when you are not using it. Another useful feature is its quick release locking mechanism that makes it a mountain as well.

CycleOps Wind Trainer

Wind Resistance with Vortex Blade

The Cycleops Wind Trainer makes use of a unique and unusual technology to give you a healthy workout. It uses a fan that uses air to create a smooth and even resistance and ensures a frictionless ride. The unique vortex blade is high-powered and increases resistance so that the rider experiences closer to a real outdoor workout. The strength can reach up to 600Watts by achieving 30mph wind speeds. And this can be adjusted either by pedaling at a fast speed or by switching gear manually like you normally do while riding a bicycle. This unique quality makes it the best buy amongst the fitness riders. This bike is the best for use in winters when there is very less motivation to go out and cycle. The die-cast zinc blades on this bike become twofold as a flywheel to even out the resistance, creating a more practical ride.

Sturdy, Portable, and Flexible

The Cyclops Wind Trainer is made of superb-quality steel. The frame is sturdy and ensures a long life. Another useful feature of this bike is its portability and flexibility. It can be folded easily when not in use and can be stored anywhere as it requires minimal space. This thing can be done by just removing the bike by drawing out the quick-release skewer and then sliding the frame together so that it is packed. Thus, it makes it more convenient to carry out workout sessions without any second thoughts and thus keeps you fit and motivated, all round the year. The locking mechanism of this bike is robust enough to offer ease and safety during a strenuous workout session.

Features and Specifications

Indoor bicycle trainer with steady, progressive wind resistance

Vortex blade design is high-powered, with little noise

Die-cast zinc fan blades double as a heavy flywheel

Change resistance by shifting gears

Quick release locking mechanism makes it easy to ride on mountains as well

300-pound weight rating

Foldable with folding legs

Offers lifetime guarantee

Wind Resistance unit gives a frictionless ride

Designed to fit common road and mountains as the bike frame includes steel quick release skewer and has three settings for rear dropout spacing: 120mm, 130mm, and 135mm.

CycleOps Wind Trainer Review

Customer Reviews

Since this bike is prevailing in the market for years, this speaks volumes about the performance of the bike. Customers are contented and happy with their workout sessions and have rated it 4.2 out of 5. After doing all the research, the clients have considered it as a great value for money. The users are happy as it requires no maintenance when not in use. The quality of the components is brilliant and Cyclops guarantees to substitute or repair any part that gets worn out.


With every product come its pros and cons. Where we have discussed all the positive points about the wind trainer, we do witness some drawbacks too.

  • Loud – The common complaint that people have been with the noise that this bike produces while exercising. They feel that the sound sometimes gets disruptive especially during a strenuous workout. But, they also feel that the noise can be done away with by putting on the earphones or by switching on the TV. Moreover, for what this bike is worth, other trainers are not too silent either.
  • A few clients complained that the vibrations during the workout got transferred to the bike seat. But there was an easy solution to it. The rider used a more ergonomic seat.

Overall, the product doesn’t seem to have made the customers unhappy. You can buy it now and be sure that your workout will never get hampered, in any season.


Cycleops Wind Trainer is one of the finest and best-selling trainers available in the market. Each penny spent is worth it. The customer satisfaction with this product is extremely high. It gives a feel as if you are riding on a road and the wind resistance is making you push harder. The technology used by this trainer is long-lived, and that is evident from its market presence. The effect of the exercise session is near to real, and the smooth tuning of resistance levels makes it all the more exciting. The shifting gears change resistance very effortlessly and evenly. This trainer is an excellent way to keep your legs toned always. Moreover, its portability and storage quotient is high and allows the user to use it as per his ease and comfort. I will strongly recommend buying this unusual equipment that ensures long life, stability, and targeted workout, without minimal preservation. Also, being designed by one of the best companies-Cyclops, one can just blindly believe in it’s after sales service and replacement process.