Snacks are wonderful things that add to the enjoyment while watching a movie in a theatre. Many tasty, delicious snacks are available at the theatre that helps in providing full entertainment. But, these snacks are not healthy at all. These are high in calories, sugar level, saturated fat content and what not. These snacks are prepared very quickly and under filthy conditions so can lead to many health problems. So, you not only waste your money on these snacks but also damage your health. Let us have a look at five worst movie snacks that can seriously affect the health of any individual

1. Buttered Popcorn


The most common meal which is eaten by persons while watching any movie is the popcorn flavoured with the butter. People also use certain types of seasonings to make the popcorn even more delicious. But, they do not know how much dangerous is this snack, as much as 1200 calories are there in a medium bag of popcorn. By adding some pumps of butter, the number rose up to 1500. So, the popcorn with the very higher content of calories, salts, saturated fat and butter make a person prone to heart attacks or stroke. Moreover, the chemicals contained in this popcorn can also cause certain types of cancers.

2. Nachos with Cheese

Nachos, a popular northern Mexico dish are another common snack at the movie theatre. Along with cheese, people use tortilla chips and the particular type of sauce for adding taste to this snack. These nachos do not have any real nutritional value and are only sold for making high profits. Approximately 1400 calories can be added by eating this snack in one serve. Any flavoured soda along with this snack further adds some saturated fats. Water retention and weight gain are the common side effects of eating too much nachos. Also, a person can develop heart disease or hypertension by eating this snack.

3. Hot Dog

A hot dog is a snack that does not require much cooking experience and only needs very few things for the preparation. So, it is the very common snack that is available at every entertainment venue whether it is the ballpark or the movie theatre. Nevertheless, these hotdogs offer proteins, but they lack all the other health nutrients and contain a large number of calories. As much as 500 calories can be found in the movie theatre hot dogs. Mostly the same type of bun and meat is used at every movie theatre for making hot dogs and lacking the whole grains. These hot dogs contain a specific type of chemical called monosodium glutamate (MSG) which leads to obesity and some types of diabetes. Continue reading to know more about how to make popcorn .

4. Reese’s Pieces

This snack is manufactured using the

  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter
  • Candies and
  • Milk

The little bag of candy used in making this snack contains a large number of calories. On a recent study, it is predicted eating a small bag of Reese’s Pieces is same as eating a high-calorie potato. These Reese’s pieces contain eight grams of saturated fat, two grams of monosaturated fat and one gram of monounsaturated fat. Combining all these, the huge content of fat makes Reese’s piece a very unhealthy snack. After knowing all these things, you will still enjoy this snack for more enjoyment in the movie theatre.

5. Large Soda


The most common type of beverage at the movie theatre is a bottle of large soda. This snack is made prepared by using the large content of sugar and caffeine. Also, many preservatives are colourings used in the manufacturing of large soda. This tasty beverage contains about 600 calories and leading to many health related problems. The Most dangerous thing in the large soda is the sugar content that is close to 135 grams. Some people after having aware about this much knowledge about large soda still drink this beverage in the movie theatre or at other places. Maybe they don’t know about the importance of health in any one’s life.


In summary, the movie snacks contain an immense number of calories and can degrade the health of any individual. The hotdog contains a particular type of chemical that causes type 2diabetes and movie popcorn with butter and other seasonings cause lung cancer or bladder cancer. You should think of all these before eating this worst movie snacks.